Entry #1

Working on a Splinter Cell Collab

2007-07-24 09:28:02 by MoozipanCheese

Me, Organclock and a few others are working on a Splinter Cell collab. Should be fun to work on - although we're not working particularly closely; we're just going to all make our parts and submit it to Organclock, who'll put it all together. I'm working really hard on mine - I just hope everyone else is too.

I've already started working on my part; it's going to be about half a minute long. I think that should be okay. I can always add more if needed.

Anyway, anyone who is looking at my profile and reading this (why are you!?) expect it up in a couple of weeks hopefully (no deadline was set).


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2007-08-04 16:06:14

hey, you alive?
organclock said you dissapeared of the face of the planet.
deadline is the 7th. but if it takes you more time do it. just finish it and have fun doing it.


2008-02-05 21:24:37

lol it was funny :D keep up the good work

MoozipanCheese responds:

Wow, you liked it? Thanks, I thought it was pretty crap myself =D

Although, I'm still more interested as to why you're looking at my profile >_>