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And so ends the "100 Things We Hate About..." Call of Duty series

Posted by MoozipanCheese - March 11th, 2010

I think I've parodied Call of Duty to death now, so I'd like to turn my attention on other video games to animate and parody, as well as anything else which pickles my interest. If anyone has any ideas, leave a comment; just know that I'm no longer doing a "100 Things We Hate About...", since they take way too much time. Thanks for all the reviews, ratings and favourites you guys have given. They make my e-penis grow.

Also, due to Newground's 10MB file size limit, I had to cut off the 2 minute introduction to 100 Things We Hate About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but it can be seen below on YouTube.

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Comments (43)

Nice flash! I dunno why but I found it hilarious whenever Ghost wiggled across the screen. I liked that extra briefing scene, too bad you couldn't include it.

Yeah. Actually, I forgot to edit the Credits, so JusticeSnake is still credited for voicing Makarov and Shepherd, even though they're not in the Newgrounds version.

Halo has alot of things worth making fun of. (Reach is coming out later this year with jetpacks and rolling)
But anyways, good stuff. keep it up.

Thanks. Can't wait for Halo: Reach myself!

hey nonuken. HALO SUX!!!!!!!!! lol! im sure you will like uncharted alot better than HALO >:(

There's nothing wrong with Halo. :P

I know it's obscure but maybe you could try to do XX things we hate about Mercenary Wars. Mercenary Wars is one of those free mmofps's and a VERY glitchy one at that.

I don't tend to play MMO PC games, so I'll simply save myself the bother and take your word that it's a piece of crap.

Everything about this is true. Especially the overpowered Commando Perk and 1887 range. Oh and the nuke boosting scum of course. DB<

They make me RAEG!


You could try making something original.

I piss around with "originality" on my deviantART account, but I feel I can appeal to a bigger fanbase by making animations on what I love in life: video games.

Actually... its not that bad once you get used to it.

Hmm, well, I don't think I'll play it anyway.

aww i rlly liked the series but im sure ull make som great stuff anyway, i reccommend paroding left 4 dead 2 i played the first but not the second but their probably the same enough but their pretty easy to parody due to my expieriences. good luck

Well, I have been thinking about doing a Left 4 Dead animation.

As much as I'd love to see a things to hate about L4D flash from you, (even if it is simply a thought/idea/rumour right now), another already well praised one was made, called "LEFT 4 LOL" if you didn't see it already. But I won't decide for you; go ahead if you've got better ideas. :)

LEFT 4 LOL is brilliant. Love the whole Louis/friendly fire scene. There's a load of Left 4 Dead animations out there, which is why I'm a little reluctant to make one myself.

makarovs atomic bomb looks like a penis lol

If you saw a penis out of that, I have some news for you...

Elmhurst676 says:
You could try making something original.

This website is about entertainment in particular. In fact it was originally created as a fansite for some magazine. It later turned into celebrity killing, originality came in later. While it is always great to be original, it shouldn't be enforced as a fucking law of land.

I liked the movie, it had a few hilarious scenes, loaded with funny reasons, and it spoke a lot of truth.

Thanks man, glad you liked it. :D

I loved this series while it lasted. It was funny. LOL. Suddenly a new call of duty pops out....

And a Treyarch one at that!

why dont you start a 100 things we hate about halo series thers gotta be something

No more "100 Things...", they take too long to make.

You can PM Tom and he'll raise your upload limit to pretty much whatever you need. Mine's 25MB, for example.

Oooh, really? Cool.

I think you should parody Bad Company or GTA.

Both fine games.

Hey by the way, I couldn't help but ask, where did you find all of the sound files for the movies? :3

I look for a YouTube video with the sound effects I want in them, use a YouTube to MP3 converter, put that MP3 into Audacity and cut everything so I just have the particular sound effect I want. It sounds complicated, but it's easier than it sounds.

Well, you aren't doing a halo animation because halo is just epic?

Pretty much. Also, I struggle to draw SPARTANs.

You were on my team 2 days ago. :D Too bad that game was laggy to fuck (say no more) so it ended up shit on my end...but it ended better in a FFA rape match with the FAL and booster killing spree. :P

I remember that. Good times. Good times.

what about paroding gears of war

Maybe one day.

well u should still make one about the black ops demo me and my friend hacked.(we have J-tags)my jtag is xeoun!pretty cool huh!but u should a (100 reasons why we hate black ops!but u could d0 other games like halo (any of em like halo reach)! or borderlands.i have so many reasons why i hate that game like the cartoony graphics!or maybe fable II. That game pissed me off a certain times! Or more games u could think of plz answer back! Also i hate the wii even though i have every new system thats right now out and i have all the old xbox360 wii and the old psp what should i do?sell em? (I mean th e old things i should sell)

There is no Black Ops demo to hack.

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